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Chris Cartwright has a degree in Visual Communications and has been creating book covers, posters, and story illustrations since 2003. She has also created illustrations for games and various other projects. Although she creates images for any genre, her main focus is the macabre and fantasy. Chris lives in southwestern Indiana with her husband Tom and 3 cats Piper, Buffy, and Gypsy.  You may view several of her creations here.
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Our first book: The Secret of the Elves in Helen

Helen is a real alpine tourist village in North Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Alfred, who lives in this enchanting, German-style town, enjoys exploring the nearby mountains. After he happens to rescue an elf King, he receives an invitation and top-secret directions to the King’s mysterious kingdom. A wonderful adventure ensues; this fine book ends with a rhyme summarizing the work of elves. It is a delightful book with great illustrations. The child in your life will be reading to the story’s satisfactory end!

Our Author
Delroy Thompson is a teacher who has worked with children in Hawaii and South Florida, and presently teaches Advance Social Studies at a middle school in North Georgia, in the region where this story is based. He holds teaching certificates in social studies, special education, and reading. Thompson’s education includes a Bachelor's Degree in Social  Science  and  History  and  a  Master's Degree  in  Counseling  Studies.  He  is physically disabled and has a can-do spirit. Thompson lives with his wife, daughter, and their lovable golden retriever. His hobbies include history, chess, and writing. You may view the author's page here.

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Readers' Reviews from Amazon

  This book is an excellent read for children and adults as well. I live in north Georgia and was thrilled to read about the place I visited often. My grandchildren will enjoy the book as much as I have.

Susan Renolds:
This book is very interesting! I could not put the book down! I am one of Mr. Thompson's student! He is the best social studies teacher ever! I recommend this book to anyone including adults! This is a great book!

Cynthia Perry:
  This was a fun book to read! My kids and I loved it! Great writing! Everyone needs to check this book out!
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